About IMG Solutions Australia

Results matter


IMG is primarily an events sales & marketing company. We represent brands in locations around the Perth metro area’s including shopping centres, exhibitions, airports, a variety of community events and the state’s Royal Shows. We also market the client’s services in regional areas from Broome to Esperance.


As an outsourced agency we can provide not only a face to the brand but also deliver one of the most cost effective channels to grow their customer base.

IMG specialises in customer acquisition programs on behalf of the clients, basically we generate a new source of income for them. We do this through the sales of memberships, massive, immediate, localised exposure of their brand and quality customer service, we’re not ‘in your face’.

We have represented some amazing brands but the true success of the company always comes down to the people.  Through full product training, workshops, seminars and coaching we have been able to create industry leaders.

Advertising is a changing landscape but it’s all about achieving one goal – spending money in order to make money.  In reality advertising shouldn’t exist but due to customers having a bad experience companies have to spend a lot of money to try and get them back in the first place.  Through understanding how important that initial interaction is we pride ourselves on ensuring that the customer always has a great brand experience and are engaged with ease and convenience – which is what all customers look for.

Our services benefit the client as we are promoting the client’s products and services to the public on a face to face basis. This is one of the best marketing tools available for many organisations as word of mouth marketing is cost effective and much more efficient and productive than using conventional advertising.

Career Opportunities

IMG's people are always on the move

Investing in your future and looking for that opportunity to build your career should never be approached lightly.  This is why we value someone’s character over their experience.  What we look for in all our employees and contractors are for them to be honest, have a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn, be a team player, self motivated and have an overall positive attitude.  Through having all of these attributes we are committed to ensuring we can supply any coaching you need to develop into an industry superstar at any level.  There are different levels to which you can engage with us from managing your sales through to managing your own company.

Company Vision & Goals

The only way to grow is to develop people to reach their potential

With over 10 years experience, IMG Solutions Australia has continually grown through the constant education, mentoring and workshops that it offers at every stage for all its employees and independent contractors.  We currently have 2 offices in Perth but our goals by the end of 2020 are:

  • 6 Offices
  • 3 Cities
  • 150 contractors
  • Introducing new layers within each industry
  • Evolving the product training practices

Through the continued success of developing individuals with limited industry experience into industry superstars we are confident in it all coming together.  We are then looking to expand internationally.

Product Training

We often have the pleasure of interstate and overseas visitors who are actively involved in most of our training workshops


We use a product training program used by over 700 marketing companies in over 25 different countries world wide. It is tailored to suit the ambitions of individuals beginning with the basics of sales and customer service, then onto programs which deal with the development and assistance of yourself and others. Our final stages of product training cover event management and finance. All advancement through the program is competency based, meaning the more individuals put in the more they get out.


Product training is delivered in many different ways. Thirty minute workshops are available each morning and on-site mentors and coaches fast tracks each contractors confidence. Regular seminars and workshops throughout the year also educate to ensure the learning never ends. We often have the pleasure of interstate and overseas visitors who are actively involved in most of our  workshops.

Opportunity and Growth

Everyone in the company starts through managing their sales and from there the size of the opportunity comes down to your own ambition

new model jpeg

As long as there is companies out there who are looking to grow then we will also be in the business of growing people.  From managing your sales through to being a business consultant we are always on the lookout for that next person looking for an opportunity.  Building your enterprise with IMG Solutuions Australia is very simple through and the program is established to allow contractors the opportunity to navigate a career while gaining access to coaching and professional development.

Want to learn how to run your own marketing company?


Let’s start from the end goal then…

Anyone can open up a business or company but the true test is whether it will be successful or not.  There are currently over 2 million small businesses nationwide (as at June 2016 abs.gov.au) with well over 200,000 in WA.  What defines success is different to different people but you can’t deny being profitable as one of the key parts.  Being profitable is very simple.  You must have customers providing enough revenue to cover your costs and everything above is simply profit.  The business model we have allows all of our contractors the chance to be coached on every aspect of running a marketing company to set people up for success.


How would I do that?

Through starting as a sales contractor to IMG Solutuions Australia you will be coached with basic business skills.  Business essentially is about connecting a brand with a customer – ‘sales’.  No matter how big or small a business is the only way to generate revenue is though sales.  The word can sometimes have some different connotations attached to it but the best type of salesperson is the undercover salesperson.


What is an undercover salesperson?

Way too many sales people can be impatient, transactional and looking for the easy sale regardless of whether the customer is going to get some value from the product or service.  The undercover salesperson is someone who gives customers what they need through building great relationships and being a consultant.  Through this approach all of our sales contractors are coached on how the clients would like to their brand to be represented through a human commercial.


So what’s next?

A huge part of running a business is going to be coaching people and then having the responsibility of knowing the buck stops with you.  To prove to yourself that you are moving in the direction we can then engage you as a business contractor where we will mentoring you through your business plan on your journey to run your own marketing company.  Once we both feel that you are ready for that next step then we can nominate you to get a contract with an advertising agency where you will operate your own marketing company.  IMG Solutuions Australia will then be able consult to you when you open up to help you run that company in a successful way.

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